From the USA, With Love

With a passion for baking and serving others, American Desserts first started testing our signature family recipe for waffles out of an apartment. Soon enough, people caught on to her exceptional waffles, which became so in-demand that we expanded our business into a successful downtown Manhattan waffle house. Being so close to Little Italy helped our retail business blossom. Once a sleepy block in SoHo, it is now a bustling location in one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City.

Pablo was an entrepreneurial visionary who created a thriving business out of his natural talent and kind heart. his two daughters, Holly and Bonnie , grew up during the early years of the business, spending their summers at the store. It became a part of who they are, and eventually they began to run the business with their father. 

“It’s all about family and tradition”, Holly says. 

From locals to visitors from around the world, American Desserts Special waffles is a cult favorite, with a constant line out the door of eager waffle lovers ready to savor their favorite flavor.  Pablo often said what set his waffles apart was the quality of ingredients, which can easily be tasted once you sink your teeth into one! Light and creamy texture with the perfect balance of sweet and salty top-notch ingredients make Pablos waffles special and a premium product.

American Desserts waffles are the quintessential NYC dessert and main. Every American Desserts Waffles is made with love and captures the heart and soul of this family’s passion for waffles in every bite.