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Waffle Machine With Changeable Plates

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American Desserts Digital Waffle Maker

American Desserts are proud to introduce our latest (and greatest) waffle maker for all commercial caterers.

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American desserts are the first of their kind, the Multi Waffle by American has a huge choice of different waffle plates, so if you would like to serve traditional round American waffles, follow the latest craze in bubble waffles or stick waffles for eating on the go, look no further. The Multi Waffle is also the most modern unit ever produced. This smaller footprint will give you more space on your counter to work with. The Multi Waffle comes with a start function that can be pre-set to any time you would like also the only machine you can preset the temperature.


The American Desserts interchangeable plates are easily removable so that you will be able to quickly change them on-site to react to your customer's ever-changing demands. All of the plates are supplied with nonstick Tripple Teflon coating, this offers perfect waffles without the need to spray the plates with oil. This machine was years in the making during this time asking customers what they want and what they need. 


*1 set of plates included, extra sets sold separately

A note about Waffle Plates

Our American Desserts Waffle machine is coated with the very best Non-Stick Coating available, but, over a few months of regularly serving Waffles, the Waffle Plate coating will start to degrade. This is due to the extremely high temperatures that the plates cook at.

Item No.: AD1-UK Packing Size:505*315*345MM Dimensions: 438*285*260MM Gross Weight: 15KG Power: 1750W Volts:220-240V Material: Stainless steel + Changeable Aluminum plate with Triple Teflon coating.